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Coaching for Professionals
in Global and Diverse Work Environments

Personalised Coaching

Experience a highly personalised coaching program based on the Integral Coaching ® Method.

Professional Environment

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with a professional and experienced coach by your side.

Holistic Approach

Gain new perspectives, find ways to improve, and reach your goals through self-development – in 1:1 meetings or group sessions.

Personal Development, Leadership and Team Coaching

From personal development to leadership and team coaching services – let’s find out what approach suits you and your needs.

Cross-Cultural Coachings & Trainings

In a more and more globalised world, international and diverse teams need to be able to communicate and interact with each other to achieve the desired results. A key element is developing an understanding of Cross-Cultural Communication and Diversity Management.

My passion is your success

My name is Dominika Siwak and I am empowering individuals to achieve their desired outcomes by fostering self-awareness, embracing diverse perspectives, and cultivating new capabilities for fresh ways of seeing and relating to the world.


I tried different coaching practices in the past but none of it worked and I became reluctant to believe that coaching can have added value to someone’s life. Then I came across Dominika, who convinced me to give it another try, and this was life changing experience to me.

Internal Audit Director

Manufacturing Industry

“Before I decided to reach out to Dominika, I struggled with taking an active role in rate negotiations, even though there were part of my day-to-day work Working with Dominika has helped me to not only understand my behaviour, but to utilise the newly gained knowledge to thrive in my professional role!”

Self-employed Creative

Media Industry

“I knew that I had the potential to work within the international leadership team of my company, but I also knew that I had to learn how to navigate through cultural diffrences. Dominika helped me to gain confidence in my own abilities and opened my eyes to discover new ways of thinking.”

Senior Manager

Gaming Industry

Let’s chat about your goals