Coaching for Professionals in Global and Diverse Work Environments

Facilitate the client's personal or professional growth in a manner that ensures sustainable change.


About me

My name is Dominika, and I am a certified coach partnering with individuals and teams in their personal and professional growth journey, as well as supporting them in navigating culturally diverse environments.

Client Testimonials

Senior Manager

Financial Technologies Industry
"My problem-solving mindset needed to adopt new approaches to overcome more complex challenges. I am so grateful for the 5 months long recurring meetings I had with Dominika, I learned new problem-solving approaches which I still use frequently"

Internal Audit Director

“I tried different coaching practices in the past but none of it worked and I became reluctant to believe that coaching can have added value to someone’s life. Then I came across Dominika, who convinced me to give it another try, and this was life changing experience to me.“

Self-employed Creative

Media Industry
“Before I decided to reach out to Dominika, I struggled with taking an active role in rate negotiations, even though there were part of my day-to-day work Working with Dominika has helped me to not only understand my behaviour, but to utilise the newly gained knowledge to thrive in my professional role!”

Senior Manager

Gaming Industry
“I knew that I had the potential to work within the international leadership team of my company, but I also knew that I had to learn how to navigate through cultural diffrences. Dominika helped me to gain confidence in my own abilities and opened my eyes to discover new ways of thinking.”